Some of you are asking about getting assistance for flooded roads after recent torrential rain in some areas of our state.

1.  Document areas where roads are flooded and damaged.  Do this on a plat map and be specific as to what the damage is, ie: culvert out, road washed out, how long a stretch of road is affected.  Get this information to your county emergency management person ASAP so they know what all the issues are and can ultimately get the information to the state office.

I also suggest documenting the dates, amount of rain, and taking pictures.

 Good Luck with your efforts.


2011 Declared Counties In South Dakota
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2011 - $14.8 Million in Hazard Mitigation Grant Funds

2011 - Presidential Flood Disaster Declaration Approved for 28 Counties

Public Assistance Overview

FEMA Greensheet

Disaster Declaration

  FEMA - Facts vs Myths

New Dunn & Bradstreet Info 5/11

Dunn & Bradstreet Number Needed




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